My kid plays with trash


I don’t know if anyone even reads this but, if you do, you might be able to understand.  My child really hates store bought toys.  He doesn’t like to play with them -they simply do not hold his interest.  Maybe he gets this from his Mama -me- who is insanely cheap -but he would rather play with trash.  By trash I don’t mean used coffee filters and orange peels.  He LOVES cups, bottles, jugs, toilet paper/papertowel rolls, paper to tear -you name it.  He would rather play with trash than a store bought toy any day.  Boxes, cards, -anything that you would want to throw away (that isn’t nasty and is safe) he wants to play with.  Call me a negligent parent but I have learned not to put these things in the trash.  If I do, he is like a magnet over to dumpster dive.  I just give the objects to him (and before anyone fusses -I watch him play with them- I know the things can be dangerous)

 The reason I mention this is because, as I am still in the small confines of this hotel room, I was looking around and I noticed Lake’s box of “toys.”  In the corner is an untouched plastic toy box with balls, trucks, rattles and stuffed animals in it.  Lake is sitting in the middle of the floor, with a card board mailing box.  The box has a valentine’s card, a plastic solo cup, and an old water bottle inside of it.  He is chewing on the mouth of a gallon jug sized water bottle, babbling to himself.

Oh to be 11 months old.