Cancel the denture order!

After I had just ordered a hair piece and dentures for Lake….low and behold, he is cutting a tooth!  I just noticed the little white dot this morning.  In no time he will be eating corn on the cob with his new tooth!  I am afraid that he will be bald forever.

UPDATE:  Lake’s mother is an idiot.  No tooth.  I don’t know what I was looking at.




Hi!  Welcome to Mama Matters!  I hope this site will be a place to discuss everthing related to being a Mama.  My name is Aubrey and I am a mother of one.  Lake, my son, is 11 months old and a HANDFULL!   He is in the process of learning to walk.  I spend all of my time chasing him around.  My husband is in the military and we are in the middle of yet another move -so we are living in a military hotel.  The housekeeping service is nice -but the walls are closing in on me.  I need a project – so -MamaMatters is born!  Please post your ideas and thoughts.  Thank you!