William Balfour

Did anyone see/hear William Balfour’s Mom on Nancy Grace last night?  Thoughts?  I am not usually a Nancy Grace fan -but I REALLY enjoyed that interview!



Casey Anthony- Okay.  So it couldn’t be an accident if chloroform was involved, right?  And -she researched how to make (correction from the word “MADE”) chloroform.  And now, in case we didn’t realize that we could look up the recipe on the internet, Nancy Grace has shared the formula with us all.  She(Casey) actually researched the formula for chloroform -premeditated.   I agree with some of the comments left here that she killed that child for freedom and to spite her mother.  I also think that her family knows more about what happened than we do.  Have they told the police?  Who knows.  I think her father, George, has come to terms with reality.  I just need some more information.  I was reading about the “death band” found on the hair recovered from Casey’s trunk.  It is damning evidence -but I hope the police have more hardcore, indisputable evidence.