The Mama Games

As I had coffee this morning I was reading other blogs.  I stumbled across a post on Baby Games at one of my favorite new sites (  Too Funny.  You should really read. 

It really made me think of another type of game strangers/family members/ mothers play with each other.  Taking amotherlikeallother’s lead -I will call this game “The Mama Game.”  It goes something like this – “Oh, my friend Sarah lost all of her baby weight within 15 mins of having the baby.”  It is a VERY passive-aggressive game.  It is used to make people insecure and angry. 

After Lake was born (and still to this day), the second that people find out that you are breast feeding they make it their mission to make you worry about if your kid is getting enough to eat.  Example:  Your baby starts to cry in public.  This is inevitable.  Someone will tell you to give him a bottle.  You think “Mind your freakin’ business.”  You say “He doesn’t take a bottle.”  They say “Oh, well THAT’s what’s wrong!  He is starving!  You aren’t giving him enough to eat!” 

(This situation can work from the other direction too!  Mama’s who breast feed have to fight the urge to act superior to those who choose to bottle feed their babies.)

A certain person (no names mentioned) told me that her baby (who is full grown) could read by the time he was 18 months old.  She credited herself with this accomplishment.  After all, she LOVED being a Mama SO much that she read to the child all of the time.

Baby crying.  To be continued………..