Military Hotel Life: Take 2

I hate to be a nasty bitch about it but I am a little angy about the housekeeping service here in the military hotel.  I do all of the vacuuming, washing and changing of sheets and towels.  Really- the only things that I don’t do here are take out the trash and clean the bathroom.  Yesterday – when the housekeeping staff was here I told them that I didn’t need anything but for them to clean the bathroom.  The housekeeper said “okay.”  She went to her cart, brought back a thing of bathroom spray, handed it to me and told me to bring it to her when I was finished cleaning the bathroom.  She also told me that she didn’t have time to clean the bathroom (it was 9:30am).  I asked her if there was a specific day that she was supposed to clean the bathroom (there are days that they change the sheets, etc).  She told me that she was supposed to clean it everyday. 

This is supposed to be a full service hotel -that we are paying to live in.  I decided that maybe they didn’t clean because I was in the room when they came.  I arranged today’s daily activities around the housekeeping schedule.  Thank goodness!  Today they didn’t come at all.