Okay- so i tried to be the crafty Mama-like my Momma was- and make Lake’s halloween costume.  Husband and I decided that Lake would make a great Charlie Brown -seeing as how he has very little hair.  (Not to mention the fact that I tried to cut his hair and used the wrong attachment on the clippers -basically shaving his head.  I know, great mother!)  Needless to say, Lake went to the Fall Festival (read: Halloween Carnival) as a lion.  His Charlie Brown costume looked pitiful. I laughed until tears came out of my eyes.  He ended up wearing a store bought costume.  I am including pictures for your enjoyment.


Home Sweet Home

Finally!  We are finally getting settled.  We bought a house a little over a month ago.  It feels a little like Christmas at our house.  We are unpacking boxes that haven’t been opened since we left Alaska (two years ago).  Lake has his own room.  I finally got to make my baby a room!  I painted it a bright shade of blue.  He loves his room.  He plays in there all the time.  Anyway, just a little update.  The dogs have a large fenced back yard again.  Husband and I are doing well.  All is fantastic.

We are a nomadic sort….

Hooray!  Tonight is our last night in the military hotel (at this base anyway)!  We are on the road -beginning tomorrow morning!  I am so excited that I don’t know what to do with myself!  After five years away  (far away -like Alaska) and the addition of a baby -we are finally moving closer to family!!  The best part -JUST IN TIME FOR LAKE’S FIRST BIRTHDAY!

I am an Aunt!

My brother in law and his wife had a baby at 2:30am this morning!  I am officially an Aunt!  Thank the Lord for a beautiful, healthy baby girl!!

I Love the Weekend!

You know what the best thing about the weekend is?  Taking a long, hot shower -and not having to plan around a nap, not having to listen out for a baby.   That is the very best thing.  My husband can watch the baby and I can have a little time just for me.

Speaking of showers -when Lake was first born that was the hardest thing for me to figure out.  What do I do with the baby while I was in the shower?!?!  Looking back it seems silly -but at the time it was serious!

Afternoon Nap Links

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Not to be ugly -but….

Not to be ugly but –

Last night we went out to eat.  Exciting, right?  Husband, Lake and I were looking forward to a little time together -where I didn’t have to cook and then complain about having to clean up.  We live in the boondocks – so deciding where to eat was easy -not to many options to cloud our judgement.  We get to the restaurant  are seated and then, I kid you not, for the entire time we were there we were hounded by people wanted to talk to/play with our baby.  I guess I am lucky- my kid could be ugly. 

We were looking for some time together but we spent the entire time trying to be polite.  Husband just quit talking to people.  He refused to look up from his plate.  We have never gotten out of a place faster.