Weekly Inspiration

Suzanne Whang………

Suzanne Whang on House Hunters

Because I am totally addicted to House Hunters on HGTV.

Did you know that she went to Yale and Brown!!!

One word: WOW!


Long Time No See

Yes, I am still living.  Sorry for the delay.  It has been a hectic month.  We moved, had a first birthday party, my sister got married, we met the new baby, Husband started a new job, and now we are about to buy a house.  Whoo!  I am exhausted!  I hope all is well. 

We are a nomadic sort….

Hooray!  Tonight is our last night in the military hotel (at this base anyway)!  We are on the road -beginning tomorrow morning!  I am so excited that I don’t know what to do with myself!  After five years away  (far away -like Alaska) and the addition of a baby -we are finally moving closer to family!!  The best part -JUST IN TIME FOR LAKE’S FIRST BIRTHDAY!

I am an Aunt!

My brother in law and his wife had a baby at 2:30am this morning!  I am officially an Aunt!  Thank the Lord for a beautiful, healthy baby girl!!

Rock of Love 2

Husband is addicted to Rock of Love 2.  He watches it -new and reruns and talks about it non-stop.  What does this mean?


The only thing that is universally funny from birth ’til death.

I Love the Weekend!

You know what the best thing about the weekend is?  Taking a long, hot shower -and not having to plan around a nap, not having to listen out for a baby.   That is the very best thing.  My husband can watch the baby and I can have a little time just for me.

Speaking of showers -when Lake was first born that was the hardest thing for me to figure out.  What do I do with the baby while I was in the shower?!?!  Looking back it seems silly -but at the time it was serious!