Where is Suri’s Coat?

I understand that it is much easier to see fault in others….but…

Where is Suri’s coat?  Tom and Katie allways seem to remember their own coats.  That drives me insane!  Do they not think that she is cold?   I can understand the dresses -maybe she only likes to wear dresses and fancy shoes.  I am sure that she isn’t the first child to insist that she only wear dresses.  THERE ARE WINTER DRESSES and STOCKINGS!  I am just saying.  Anyone else share this sentimate?  It really bothers me that in every current Homes-Cruise family pictures Suri is wearing a short sleved dress with bare legs and Katie and Tom are wearing sweaters, pants and coats.


Casey Anthony -What do you think?

I might as well admit it -I am addicted to the Casey Anthony saga.  My husband did a friendly intervention and now attempts to regulate the amount of information/research/talking I do about that terrible case.  I guess, overall, I am just stumped as to how a mother could not know where her child was -for a month.  I would lose my mind!  The fact that Casey didn’t know where her child was is a FACT!  She said it -not me.  On top of that -I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that, if she is innocent of any wrong doing, she refuses to help the law and her family find her child.  What in the world?  That is unfathomable. 

What do you think?  In my opinion that child is dead and I think her mother killed her. 

Home Sweet Home

Finally!  We are finally getting settled.  We bought a house a little over a month ago.  It feels a little like Christmas at our house.  We are unpacking boxes that haven’t been opened since we left Alaska (two years ago).  Lake has his own room.  I finally got to make my baby a room!  I painted it a bright shade of blue.  He loves his room.  He plays in there all the time.  Anyway, just a little update.  The dogs have a large fenced back yard again.  Husband and I are doing well.  All is fantastic.

Long Time No See

Yes, I am still living.  Sorry for the delay.  It has been a hectic month.  We moved, had a first birthday party, my sister got married, we met the new baby, Husband started a new job, and now we are about to buy a house.  Whoo!  I am exhausted!  I hope all is well. 

We are a nomadic sort….

Hooray!  Tonight is our last night in the military hotel (at this base anyway)!  We are on the road -beginning tomorrow morning!  I am so excited that I don’t know what to do with myself!  After five years away  (far away -like Alaska) and the addition of a baby -we are finally moving closer to family!!  The best part -JUST IN TIME FOR LAKE’S FIRST BIRTHDAY!

I am an Aunt!

My brother in law and his wife had a baby at 2:30am this morning!  I am officially an Aunt!  Thank the Lord for a beautiful, healthy baby girl!!

Rock of Love 2

Husband is addicted to Rock of Love 2.  He watches it -new and reruns and talks about it non-stop.  What does this mean?