Okay- so i tried to be the crafty Mama-like my Momma was- and make Lake’s halloween costume.  Husband and I decided that Lake would make a great Charlie Brown -seeing as how he has very little hair.  (Not to mention the fact that I tried to cut his hair and used the wrong attachment on the clippers -basically shaving his head.  I know, great mother!)  Needless to say, Lake went to the Fall Festival (read: Halloween Carnival) as a lion.  His Charlie Brown costume looked pitiful. I laughed until tears came out of my eyes.  He ended up wearing a store bought costume.  I am including pictures for your enjoyment.


Reason Number 1 that I LOVE being a Mama

Watching my baby play and learn 

Tonight, as my husband and I were watching the Democratic debates Lake was playing in the floor.  He was just crawling around, investigating, just enjoying himself.  He crawled over to his plastic mirror and looked in it.  He smiled -he saw a baby.  He leaned back -then leaned forward quickly.  The baby was still there!!!  He squealed and smiled at the new friend.  This went of for a while.  Oh the little things -I love that kid.