Casey Anthony Continues

So I just spent the last hour or so reading threads relating to Casey Anthony. I started out looking for information regarding the possible purchase of two cross necklaces from JC Penny. I had very little luck finding any credible information about that. I did, however, read something else that peaked my interest. Caylee’s “Mama” doll. I had always just read over the fact that it was found in the abandoned car and not given it much more thought. I had never really considered the fact that it has been said that Caylee never went anywhere without “Mama.”

My child’s security posession is his pacifier. I NEVER leave the house without it….even though Husband and I are trying o phase it out. I travel with it because, at any time, he might get freaked out and need it. I know this is very different from a blanket or a doll -but it is the closest thing I, personally, can make a comparison with. I just know that, in a stressful situation, my son cries for his “Paapeee” and he will suck like crazy -and close his eyes- until he feels calm. And now- not only does he need his Paaapeee —-I need it! He loves that thing and my heart can’t bear to see him cry for it when he feels stressed out.

So that brings to my head the thought -why would any mother let their child go to -say- the baby sitters (Zany) without their comfort object? And then, since we know that Caylee is not with the babysitter -what kind of cruel hearted mother would leave the child’s comfort object in an abandoned car —the kind that knew that the child would not need the object!!! And– she couldn;t have loved Caylee -if she didn;t even bury the doll with the child. Cruel! (It goes without saying that she obviously didn’t care for the child since she killed her.)

Just a rambling vent. Sorry.

ADDITION: Okay- I have a better example: I babysat a little girl for four years while I was in college. She had a doll she called “Baby.” That doll was disgusting. It smelled like spit and sweat. Her Mother washed it regularly (while the little girl was asleep) but it really didn’t help. I think the stinch was embedded into the fiber. Anyway, the little girl took “Baby” Everywhere. If we forgot “Baby” when we left the house -we had to go back and get her- for the little girl’s comfort and for my own sanity. She would cry and never stop asking for the doll. We (her Mom and I) tried to substitue “Baby” for a doll that we called “Baby.” The little girl said that the new doll didn’t smell right. She declared it an imposter and called it “Baby Two.” She hid “Baby Two” in her room and repeatedly said that she didn;t like her.

Just thinking back- this child was not mine (although I was at there house enough to consider her mine and love her dearly) and I am not mean enough to purposely leave “Baby.” On top of that -it was wearing on the nerves to have to hear her crying for “Baby.”


William Balfour

Did anyone see/hear William Balfour’s Mom on Nancy Grace last night?  Thoughts?  I am not usually a Nancy Grace fan -but I REALLY enjoyed that interview!


Casey Anthony- Okay.  So it couldn’t be an accident if chloroform was involved, right?  And -she researched how to make (correction from the word “MADE”) chloroform.  And now, in case we didn’t realize that we could look up the recipe on the internet, Nancy Grace has shared the formula with us all.  She(Casey) actually researched the formula for chloroform -premeditated.   I agree with some of the comments left here that she killed that child for freedom and to spite her mother.  I also think that her family knows more about what happened than we do.  Have they told the police?  Who knows.  I think her father, George, has come to terms with reality.  I just need some more information.  I was reading about the “death band” found on the hair recovered from Casey’s trunk.  It is damning evidence -but I hope the police have more hardcore, indisputable evidence.

Where is Suri’s Coat?

I understand that it is much easier to see fault in others….but…

Where is Suri’s coat?  Tom and Katie allways seem to remember their own coats.  That drives me insane!  Do they not think that she is cold?   I can understand the dresses -maybe she only likes to wear dresses and fancy shoes.  I am sure that she isn’t the first child to insist that she only wear dresses.  THERE ARE WINTER DRESSES and STOCKINGS!  I am just saying.  Anyone else share this sentimate?  It really bothers me that in every current Homes-Cruise family pictures Suri is wearing a short sleved dress with bare legs and Katie and Tom are wearing sweaters, pants and coats.

Not to be ugly -but….

Not to be ugly but –

Last night we went out to eat.  Exciting, right?  Husband, Lake and I were looking forward to a little time together -where I didn’t have to cook and then complain about having to clean up.  We live in the boondocks – so deciding where to eat was easy -not to many options to cloud our judgement.  We get to the restaurant  are seated and then, I kid you not, for the entire time we were there we were hounded by people wanted to talk to/play with our baby.  I guess I am lucky- my kid could be ugly. 

We were looking for some time together but we spent the entire time trying to be polite.  Husband just quit talking to people.  He refused to look up from his plate.  We have never gotten out of a place faster.