Casey Anthony Continues

So I just spent the last hour or so reading threads relating to Casey Anthony. I started out looking for information regarding the possible purchase of two cross necklaces from JC Penny. I had very little luck finding any credible information about that. I did, however, read something else that peaked my interest. Caylee’s “Mama” doll. I had always just read over the fact that it was found in the abandoned car and not given it much more thought. I had never really considered the fact that it has been said that Caylee never went anywhere without “Mama.”

My child’s security posession is his pacifier. I NEVER leave the house without it….even though Husband and I are trying o phase it out. I travel with it because, at any time, he might get freaked out and need it. I know this is very different from a blanket or a doll -but it is the closest thing I, personally, can make a comparison with. I just know that, in a stressful situation, my son cries for his “Paapeee” and he will suck like crazy -and close his eyes- until he feels calm. And now- not only does he need his Paaapeee —-I need it! He loves that thing and my heart can’t bear to see him cry for it when he feels stressed out.

So that brings to my head the thought -why would any mother let their child go to -say- the baby sitters (Zany) without their comfort object? And then, since we know that Caylee is not with the babysitter -what kind of cruel hearted mother would leave the child’s comfort object in an abandoned car —the kind that knew that the child would not need the object!!! And– she couldn;t have loved Caylee -if she didn;t even bury the doll with the child. Cruel! (It goes without saying that she obviously didn’t care for the child since she killed her.)

Just a rambling vent. Sorry.

ADDITION: Okay- I have a better example: I babysat a little girl for four years while I was in college. She had a doll she called “Baby.” That doll was disgusting. It smelled like spit and sweat. Her Mother washed it regularly (while the little girl was asleep) but it really didn’t help. I think the stinch was embedded into the fiber. Anyway, the little girl took “Baby” Everywhere. If we forgot “Baby” when we left the house -we had to go back and get her- for the little girl’s comfort and for my own sanity. She would cry and never stop asking for the doll. We (her Mom and I) tried to substitue “Baby” for a doll that we called “Baby.” The little girl said that the new doll didn’t smell right. She declared it an imposter and called it “Baby Two.” She hid “Baby Two” in her room and repeatedly said that she didn;t like her.

Just thinking back- this child was not mine (although I was at there house enough to consider her mine and love her dearly) and I am not mean enough to purposely leave “Baby.” On top of that -it was wearing on the nerves to have to hear her crying for “Baby.”


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  1. No your not rambling…you are right. …
    A Mommy’s main concern is her child being fed, clean comfortable..and when a mother must take her child out somewhere she would be a fool to leave without the things that her child needs such as a change of clothes, diapers, a small snack, juice or milk and and anything that brings them comfort…like a binky (my son called his a binky) Or in Caylee’s case…her doll mama. When our children are content…our world is at peace.

    I thought about that too…that if she buried Caylee why didn’t she bury her with mama…but see that is how a mother thinks. I don’t think Casey was ever a mother. I think Cindy was the mother figure for Caylee…I think the comment Cindy left on her myspace said it all…this was all about jealousy.
    Casey was jealous of the relationship Cindy and Caylee had…Casey was mad after the huge fight about the grandparents money and decided to punish Cindy by taking away what she loved most.
    Casey thought of Caylee as a possession that she played with when she felt like it…and when she didn’t…she tossed Caylee aside.

  2. Some have said that Casey killed Caylee so she could party….If that was all it was about…she could have left her with Cindy or even turned over custody to Cindy and George…Had she done so…none of this would have happened…Caylee would be alive and Casey could be out at hot body contests and with whatever man she happens to be into at the moment.

    That is why I believe whatever was done to Caylee was done out of anger, spite…Leonard Padilla said that when Cindy and Casey had that fight about the grand parents stolen money…he said Cindy put her hands around Casey’s throat…and she told Casey that she had been advised to sue for custody of Caylee….Well Casey sure stopped that from happening.
    I also think that the flurry of phone calls on June 16th from Casey to Cindy….I think Cindy ignored those calls because she was still angry…and now she is consumed with guilt because inside she knows that is when Caylee died.

  3. Monica, You maybe right..Those flurry of calls when Casey made to Cindy was right at the time Caylee was murdered..Because if Cindy picked up the phone , I think Cindy may have had a chance to calm Casey down, and Caylee may be still alive today. But when Cindy did not pick up the phone it made Casey more and more and more ANGREY… That is when she took her anger out on Caylee. I really think it was anger in the end, I think Casey was soooo ANGREY that she restrained Caylee and strangled her. Caylee may have not been 100% dead at that moment. Caylee may have been unconicous and breathing somewhat difficult…Then Casey finished the job with Choloform, to make sure that Caylee would sleep foreever. Then the phone calls just stopped, like Leonard Padilla said. Now Casey had to bury the body and keep it a secret from her family, for as long as possible….Until Cindy found Casey and called Police….Just My Thoughts….

  4. I think that Casey was jealous of the life her parents were willing to give her daughter. She figured if she gave custody to Cindy/George that they would not support her. They would ask her to leave the house and she would not be able to live the life she lived.
    Casey is sick and probably has been for a long time. She needs help!
    I am not giving her an excuse for what she did but she did it because she wanted it all.
    She wanted mom/dads money, house etc. I would not be suprised if she really had planned to kill her parents/brother so she would have everything.
    Their house, their money etc. The heck with her grandparents she would have them out on the street just so she could have the money, the power.
    My so is autistic and there are days that he has to bring his stuffed dog in the car with us. It use to be it had to go inside stores, restaurants etc. We now are just for the car ride. When he is upset, sick etc we make sure he has his stuffed dog.
    My daugher;’s favorite was what ever she decided was her favorite at that time. She never really had anything in particular that she had to have.
    But as a mom, aunt and yes a babysitter kids usually have something that comforts them. We all do. We all have our favorite pair of sweat pants or shirt that we like when we are feeling down, sick etc.
    I would have gone to the ends of the earth for my son/daughter to have their toy, blanket etc with them if that is what they needed.
    When my son had surgery we told the drs/nurses in advance when he came out of the anst. and he asked for, “cookie” it was his stuff dog. Sure enough as soon as he started waking up he started asking for cookie. They gave him cookie and he was totally calm. They even put an ID bracelet on cookie, gave him a bandana(they said it was hospital gown) and put a fake bandage on his leg. They were great.
    So yes Casey was cruel by not taking/burying her daughter with her favorite doll.

  5. Aww Nancy that was very sweet of the hospital staff….I have a son with special needs too…So I know how much you appreciated them making your little guy feel comfortable and secure.

  6. I agree that it is rotten to think of the sad little abandoned ‘Mama’ doll, left on its own in the stinky car… But I still don’t see Casey as a murderer. I mean, she was just too selfish to actively plan to murder anyone. You have to care a lot to want to kill someone. Now, let the child die of neglect, yes, I can see that. I have two scenarios in mind.
    1. The child died of neglect in some way, drowned in the pool or died of heat in the car, or overdosed on chloroform or some other drug which was either given to her to quiet her, or left where she could get it. Casey is dismayed and a little panicky, and the first thing she tries is to call Cindy and get her advice.
    When no one answers her calls, and in the several minutes that pass while she is calling, it occurs to her that the death will be blamed on her. She will be hated, and maybe even prosecuted, as the person responsible for the child’s safety. Plus, as the seconds tick away, it becomes more certain that the child is really, permanently dead and cannot be revived, and her nerve and courage are fading fast, soon she really cannot face up to it.

    Maybe she puts the body in the trunk and decides not to think about it for a while. Or maybe she has a psychotic break and forgets what just happened. Tells herself a story that Caylee is with the Nanny…

    2. If it turns out that Chuck is right, and it was cold-blooded murder, I tell you it won’t have been to punish her Mom, but to make herself available for Tony. He was teasing her by saying, when he called her on his visit with his dad, that he wasn’t coming back. Caylee was the reason she couldn’t go to New York with him…

    I know Cindy was putting pressure on her to grow up, take responsibility for her actions, telling her not to give Caylee up for adoption was part of that trying to make her more responsible. I know they had a screaming fight apparently, but I don’t think Casey would have murdered her child to punish her mom. I think she would have hung on to Caylee for dear life. Caylee was her ace in the hole. As long as she had Caylee, her mom and dad had to keep taking care of her. They couldn’t kick her out, because they’d have to kick Caylee out, too. She could blame everything on Caylee. Why didn’t she do something she should have done? Because Caylee needed her time. Why couldn’t she go on a date she didn’t want–Caylee needed her. Why did she sleep late in the morning? Caylee kept her up at night. Why did she take that money? She needed to buy something for Caylee, or, she spent all her money already on Caylee…

    People said she was a wonderful mother. That was the latest in a string of stellar performances she gave. She was a great actress who could play a wonderful mother.
    We’ll get to see another fine performance at the trial, I guess.

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