Casey Anthony- Okay.  So it couldn’t be an accident if chloroform was involved, right?  And -she researched how to make (correction from the word “MADE”) chloroform.  And now, in case we didn’t realize that we could look up the recipe on the internet, Nancy Grace has shared the formula with us all.  She(Casey) actually researched the formula for chloroform -premeditated.   I agree with some of the comments left here that she killed that child for freedom and to spite her mother.  I also think that her family knows more about what happened than we do.  Have they told the police?  Who knows.  I think her father, George, has come to terms with reality.  I just need some more information.  I was reading about the “death band” found on the hair recovered from Casey’s trunk.  It is damning evidence -but I hope the police have more hardcore, indisputable evidence.


12 Responses

  1. she didn’t make the chloroform, the evidence documents stated as such

  2. Of course Casey killed her Daughter Caylee..That explains the missing kid wed-sites, and the how to make chloroform wed-sites and of course the nanny web-sites..This was all planned out in advance..IT WAS NO ACCIDENT…If is was an accident, it would have happened all of a sudden, an Casey would have been upset, and their would have been no need for Casey to lie, and have missing kid web-sites back in march and how to make chloroform web-sites and nanny web-sites and kidnapping stories and all this covering up and making up stories to lie to police…It is was it is MURDER…When some good hearted people and suckers that fall for Casey Anthony and the Anthonys bull crap, and think it is and accident, they are not thinking with science…Example:…I guess Susan Smith letting her car roll into the water with her alive kids strapped inside the car seat, and those poor kids suffering before they died in the lake….I guess that was an accident also.Susan Smith said her two kids were kidnapped, the same story Casey Anthony used….People, you have to think this case out with science and logic…Just My Thoughts….

  3. Awww I know this is off topic…but is that your baby on the header above?…Gorgeous!!!!

  4. Chuck, I’m all for logic and science, and for not leaping to conclusions…
    I think it did happen ‘all of a sudden’ on the 16th, how else explain the flurry of calls? I don’t know how upset Casey, the sociopath, would have been. We’ve barely seen her leak a couple tears the past four months, so I’m not convinced that her lack of emotion is evidence of malice aforethought.
    She did not make the chloroform that was in the trunk, that was stated in the evidence. Also, we have heard about several reasons aside from murder 1 for making chloroform.
    The nanny search happened after Caylee was reported missing, or so I read it, as if it had just occurred to her that she would need some story for police.
    If the kidnapping story is your idea of premeditation, it was a very poor job–police disproved it within hours.

    I am one of those ‘good hearted people and suckers’ that think it may have been accidental death, but I’m not falling for anything, and I believe I think as scientifically as the next guy, or gal.
    Also, your Susan Smith example is a syllogism with a faulty premise; i.e., that because both women said their kid(s) were kidnapped, if I believe Caylee’s death may have been accidental, then I must believe Susan’s kids’ deaths were accidental as well.
    I am glad you like to be logical and scientific. How do you feel about being dispassionate and objective?

  5. Yes that is my baby in the header. Thank you! I think he is super cute too! 🙂

  6. Kari, If you want to believe that Casey Anthony killed her dayghter Caylee by accident, that is your choice…I also, am a good hearted person, but people like Casey are easy to read…First, The flurry of calls on June 16, does not prove it was an accident..All it proves to me that Casey was making alot of calls to her parents house to make sure that they were not around so she could clean up the mess, without them knowing…Leonard Padilla confirmed that. Casey also, made some calls to her best friend Amy, to let her know the squirrel was cleaned up..Second, She was looking on MISSING KID WEB-SITES way back in march of 2008…Casey had a crystal ball, that she knew in the future that her kid Caylle was going to die by accident. That would be greater odds than hitting the powerball..The reason why Casey was looking on MISSING KID-WEB-SITES way back in March of 2008. only tells me one thing, Casey was planning on what kidnapping story she was going to tell police, after she killed and disposed of her daughter Caylee…Casey looked up Cholorform on her computer and learned about it and the use of it..Kari, you said that Casey did not make it. Okay, lets say that is true…But casey did uptain the Cholofrom and used it to kill her child, because it was found in the trunk of her car plus the DNA and human decoposition of her daughter Caylee..My feeling is, that Casey used this method of murder, because it left no mess and very little evidence. Also, her child Caylee, did not have to suffer the pain of a knife or something else, she would have just went to sleep….The nanny web-sites happened around June 15 or 16. Around the time Caylee was murderd..My theory is, that back in March 2008 when Casey was looking at the MISSING-KID-WEB-SITES, to figure out a story to tell police, after she killed her daughter Caylee..Either a day before or a day after Casey killed her daughter and disposed of her body, Casey stoled the information on the nanny that was looking for a room at the sawgrass apartments andwas working on a story…Casey did not call police in July 2008, 31 days after she killed her daughter Caylee…Casey would have not called police for about 4 months or maybe longer or until she had her story completed..But her mother Cindy cut that short and called police, which made casey think very fast, which explains the 3 different Nanny kidnapping stories, which caught her in those lies…Casey new it was going to be a nanny kidnapping story, which she learned back in March of 2008, but she was not quite finished with the whole story, because her mother Cindy called police and put a hole in Casey Anthony complete story…Finally, Casey had no remorse for her daughter Caylee, beacuse she already knew what she was going to do to Caylee way back in March 2008 so she had gotten over it.. Dont get me wrong, she is a wack job and all about herself…In my opinion, people that have murered people either for shutting them up or getting them out of the way, their is very little or no remorse at all. But people that have killed their kid by accident , that had no intention of harming their kids had remorse. Because they were not expecting it…Example, of no accident:….Susan Smith, John Wayne Gacy, (NO REAL REMORSE)…Just My Thoughts…..

  7. Kari, One other note of an Example of , no accident..Scott Peterson (NO REAL REMORSE), I am sure if Scott Peterson accidently killed his wife or unborn child, their would have been some remorse from him, because he would have not wanted that to happen..And also, their would not have been all the cover-ups and secrets and lies. Somebody may have probably seen it, if it was an accident. It would have not bothered Scott Because Scott would have not been trying trying to hide anything…Just My Thoughts………..

  8. Chuck, thank you for the expanded answer, I think I’m getting a better picture of your point of view. A lot of what you’re saying seems to be about how her lack of feeling/remorse convinces you she killed her daughter.

    We agree on that. I also think Caylee died at her hands, or in her custody at least. I’m just not convinced it was cold-blooded premeditated murder. Although I do like your suggestion that the purpose of the chloroform might have been to make her death, or her murder, as easy and painless as possible. Presumably for both murderer and murdered.

    I was under the impression that the nanny search, the search for Zenaida Gonzales, I mean, happened July 15 or 16, when she knew police had been called.

    Did she also search for a nanny June 15/16? That would alter my theory somewhat…Also, I have no particular explanation for her searching missing children sites. But, following this case, I have visited missing children sites, and I’m not planning on murdering my son…

    Still, I don’t disagree with you that it looks very bad for her. Bad enough that she has been charged with murder 1, so you may be entirely right.

    I guess my argument with premeditated murder comes from 1. the wish to believe that this person is/was not so completely evil as that, and 2. the obvious, glaring stupidity of her lies. You say she was planning this since March, but wasn’t done fabricating her story in July. I can’t believe anyone who planned so far ahead would fail to have a plausible story ready. And to begin by lying blatantly to police about her workplace, etc, making all of her other statements suspect??? To hope to keep the disappearance a secret from her parents for a month while she finished tying down her story???
    Chuck, I’ll compromise with you. I’ll believe that this girl was evil enough to be fantasizing, wishing for ways to get rid of a child in March, but you’ve got to admit that there couldn’t have been much actual planning involved, here.

    How could Leonard Padilla possibly confirm that the ‘flurry of calls’ was so she could be sure the coast was clear??? And, if that was the purpose of the calls, well, wouldn’t you expect her to want to talk to the people she called? I understood that those calls went un-answered. If you’re in the house calling to make sure that your parents are safely at work and not coming home too soon, would you feel safe if they did not answer? I’d figure they could walk in at any moment, I’d be petrified. But thank God, I am not a murderer…

  9. Kari, You made very good points too. One point about the planning ahead in March 2008..Casey may have been thinking about killing her daughter at first and then maybe changed her mind, and then changed her mind again and then again. Then finally, Caylee was just to much of her free time and then her friends going away on vacation may have then finalized it. And then Casey killed and buried her daughter. Casey was always chasing the idea of killing her daughter, probably since the march or sooner of 2008. That is when she starting looking at missing kid-web-sites. But this is when she finally followed it through. It could have happened in july august or another month…That was the time and day Casey went over the edge…Just My Thoughts……….

  10. we sound like were playing a game of clue. truth be known none of us are wrong or right… we weren’t in the trunk to see how was in there…we weren’t in the car while she was making the calls..I was disturbed with how she told police her daughter who was kidnapped called her and said “hi mommy and talked about books” after her daughter was reported missing…or the shovel she borrowed from the neighbor…really I feel like it is a big game of clue that we are taking turns with playing trying to see who can get there fingers on the envelope. Sad thing is so what if were right….what will that do.. wooo hooo I knew it:!! Sad that her life has turned into a game. Everyone wanting to be right…but really…do we? Sad thing is this happens a lot to children…my sons were abused and threatened to kill me if I tried to prove they were guilty… tried to kidnap my oldest son to shut him up…police played the clue game…piecing the peaces together…for the child it is not a game a nightmare and we need to realize caylee was there…through it all. Casey has to live with her mistakes …whatever she did…or was involved in..they are her mistakes. That child is not a game to be solved by all of us….we weren’t there to really know what took place…assumption is the …well many of u know the ending to that saying. I don’t understand why people do what they hurt a child I don’t understand at all..she could have done so many different things…but our minds are not the same…our lives are not the same…what each of us chose to do is based on our inner self. Just remember the child and that she was there…through it all..this was not a game for her….it was her life. I try to remember that…news has a way of drawing a person in..and can influence a person very easily. I don’t believe that the protesters should be so harsh to the grandparents…this is a lot for them to absorb…and everyone goes through stages of denial ….grief…acceptance…with drawl. I couldn’t imagine the thoughts…fears…mistakes that they are feeling..people who live in glass houses shouldn’t through stones is what I was told..We really weren’t there when they found the car…couldn’t find the daughter or granddaughter…it is not fare to judge someone when we really don’t know the truth…all I know is that something happened…and I feel sad for caylee who was involved. Who has been plastered on sheets of paper and being looked for by everyone…this happens everyday and the law tries to hide most of it…sad really when u look at the whole picture…the family must not have been very close…seems they had issues…now they have even bigger ones..and the whole world knows…if I lived on that street I would be ticked at not being able to sleep. the family has to be confused and praying and pulling there self apart as to what they should have seen and did before all of this and how…why? I don’t see where standing outside with a child holding a sign…or putting a tomb stone up is right…we simply don’t know and if casey doesn’t talk we may never know the terrible situation. I was in Florida on vacation at Universal and I think that is why I took interest in this case…mostly checking in to see if she talked anymore and if they found caylee…and I don’t know what else…just sticks in my head this little girl….none of it makes sense unless you were involved…like a puzzle that is missing the center pieces. Just remember the girl is not a game piece and don’t let her become one….

  11. Toni, it’s nice to know that you feel for Caylee. Pretty much everyone does, and I do appreciate your reminder not to forget that there is/was a child’s suffering and death at the heart of this case.

    Interesting, isn’t it, the gamut of response to the case. People who are overwhelmed with emotion, like the protestors, and at the other end, people like, well, me, who are interested in solving the puzzle.

    I admit my emotional investment in this case is not as great, and not the same as the average poster. For some reason I am not as deeply saddened by Caylee’s fate as many people, I just feel she is gone, in a better place, and it’s a shame it happened. Most of my sympathy is for the family, for Cindy who is living through my worst nightmare, for everyone having to deal with Casey, and what she has wrought, and even for Casey, who has ruined not just her own life, but the llives of all her family.
    I don’t feel the rage many people feel for them, because in my eyes they are already in hell, as I can hardly imagine a worse anguish than this mess.

    I understand your sorrow for Caylee, Toni, but you must understand that someone has to play this game, solve this puzzle, in the hopes of finding Caylee, or her remains, and possibly protecting some other little girl from suffering the same fate. If not caught, whoever did this could do it again, and again…

  12. I was reading today how the searchers for Caylee are going to stop and return home. It seems to me that the mother is going to be held responsible for her daughter regardless of weather she was involved or not. It will be nice to see protesters finally leave the family alone and the neighborhood at rest. Protesting is understandable…but taking small children who don’t know what is going on to the sight and getting them involved seems over doing it to me. I hope that people open up there eyes and realize that this is going on all over…not just in Florida. If the grandmother would not have called 911 it probably would not have turned into such a news display. At least Casey is being held responsible for the happenings that lead to her daughters disappearance..however, I know that a lot of people that do this go free. Children and Youth protect a lot of these people from the public and children are not protected like they should be. It is sad to know that Caylee is one of many faces out there that are involved in situations like this. I know three people that you would leave your dog with that are walking free due to knowing the right people and having the right attorney to get them off…and what bothers me is that most therapist, doctors, teachers, police that know this stuff is wrong…don’t want to get involved. Seems like everyone likes to pass the buck off to someone else….then when the child is hurt, missing, or something happens…everyone wonders why nothing was done to prevent what took place. Sounds like there were issues long before it came to this point with the Anthonys. Sad that nothing was addressed earlier to prevent the outcome for this family. I hope that people realize children need help when they are in situations…can’t always turn your head and wish for the best. Hopefully this will lead adults to think differently about taking the back burner when they could help.

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