Casey Anthony -What do you think?

I might as well admit it -I am addicted to the Casey Anthony saga.  My husband did a friendly intervention and now attempts to regulate the amount of information/research/talking I do about that terrible case.  I guess, overall, I am just stumped as to how a mother could not know where her child was -for a month.  I would lose my mind!  The fact that Casey didn’t know where her child was is a FACT!  She said it -not me.  On top of that -I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that, if she is innocent of any wrong doing, she refuses to help the law and her family find her child.  What in the world?  That is unfathomable. 

What do you think?  In my opinion that child is dead and I think her mother killed her. 


7 Responses

  1. Ok here it is. I am so sick and tired of Colby trying to find loop holes in the hair that was found. He’s a flake just as much as Baez and Casey herself. She killed her daughter and she did it to spite her parents and so she could party. On top of all this she decided to blame a woman who never even knew her or her daughter. Cindy is in TOTAL denial, Lee seems suspicious and George is at a loss. Casey innocent??? FAR FROM IT!!! She has to face GOD , not me. It’s up to GOD what he wants to do with her. May Caylee rest in peace. That poor little girl.

  2. I believe Caylee is also dead,Its hard to believe anything different with all that has occured in this case..A mother that waits 30 days to report her child missing,is showing guilt of something that is terribly wrong.THEN Cindy is that called 911 not Casey. IF it was an accident one would report it,instead of going about it the way CASEY did.The way she behaved,her lying to police,showing no signs of concern what so ever for her child that she claimed was missing.30 days,that I cant even comprehend in itself. SHE has made her self look guilty from the very beginning of this case.NO loving caring mother would wait 30 minutes to report her child missing ,let alone 30 days.Cindy claimed CASEY loved her child,my god what kind of love would u call that when u dont even report a missing child.lies.steals,partying,sleeping at her boyfriends house,never even once mentioning Caylee was missing,it was like she wiped Caylee right out of her mind.There is something wicked wrong with Casey ,and I dont think she will ever admit the truth.I hope when Tim and his search come back to Florida god leads them to finding this baby.Its far the worth case I have ever heard……IF Casey gave Caylee something to knock her out,its still not an accident as far as I am concerned..MY opinion is she had help disposing little Caylee.WHO i dont know..BUT I dont think she did it alone.SOME ONE other then CASEY knows what really happened to Caylee.SHE isnt smart enough to dispose her body on her own.SOMEONE that knew helped her,thats my own opinion.I hope all this comes out in the trial.I hope she spends the rest of her life in prison.SHE valued her freedom,keep her in a cage til she dies,that to me would be the worst punishment for her.

  3. I get where you’re coming from. This case marks my entry into the Blogsphere…
    Casey’s glib lies and apparent lack of real emotion are very compelling. We want her to feel–something. We want her to tell the truth, or at least come up with a better lie…

    I’m pretty sure that is what she will do for the trial–come up with a better lie. And, ironically, it will probably have been influenced by our blog-posts. She will have been studying people’s ideas, what kind of story might be accepted…

    Here’s my prediction: If she’s been paying attention, she won’t try to claim it was an accident (even if it was) because people are no longer feeling at all sympathetic toward her. Instead, she will blame someone else, probably Cindy or Lee. Because many people are already blaming them for all kinds of things, want to believe the family is involved, etc.

    And becaujse then she could possibly have been a victim herself an reclaim her ‘rightful place’ at center stage…

  4. Cayley is dead. Her lying slut of a mother killed her. Her grandmother needs to face reality and stop making excuses as to why the eveidence isn’t correct. She’s just at nutty as her daughter. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    The evidence tells the story and you would have to be blind not to see what happened to Cayley.

    Casey needs to spend eternity in prison or maybe a better option is the death penalty.

    I have no idea how Baez sleeps at night knowing his client is guilty of murdering her baby girl, and still trying to defend her. I can see making sure your client gets a fair trial, but trying to discredit the obvious clues as to what really happened is low. That’s not what I call fair.

  5. Baez sleep at night because he was banging her 6 hours a day everyday in his office. Sorry , had to say it. I can’t see why else she’d be there that long. I hope he tied a 2X4 on his butt so he didn’t fall in. Seems she has done over half the Orlando area including half the police station. Put her in population. She’s not that good nor that special. Seems odd that no one wants to visit her now. Can’t tell me it’s because she’s being recorded. They knew that the first time too. Not even Baez is visiting her. What happened to the 6 hours a day visits? Hmmmm… Can’t have sex in Jail Can ya.

  6. Oh I understand that…I had to do a little intervention on myself. Casey Anthony has really caused a great deal of anger and pain.
    This week I am writing only positive blogs at my blog spot. I was feeling way too much anger and anger solves nothing.

  7. This case has gripped me since I first heard about it months ago! My question is how did Casey get away with being unemployed for over 2 years and no one with whom she lived with did not know? Also, if she was leaving on a daily basis, where was she going and what did she do with Caylee???
    If someone can answer that for me, please leave a message on this sight!!!

    Thank You!!

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