Cancel the denture order!

After I had just ordered a hair piece and dentures for Lake….low and behold, he is cutting a tooth!  I just noticed the little white dot this morning.  In no time he will be eating corn on the cob with his new tooth!  I am afraid that he will be bald forever.

UPDATE:  Lake’s mother is an idiot.  No tooth.  I don’t know what I was looking at.


2 Responses

  1. Congrats on your beautiful little boy!! Thanks for the comment. That’s funny that you talked about the Thyroid matter since I wanted to make sure I checked my levels with my Dr. the next time I go in. They say Thyroid disorders aren’t genetic, but my mother, her father and my brother have Hypothyroidism..Strange I know, but at least it will give me another possibility to my “unexplainable” infertility.

  2. Your little one is adorable! Congrats on the tooth! Oh and my first born was bald until she was like 19 months old, then her hair started growing like crazy. She is almost three now and her hair is down to her mid back! It’s crazy how things change!

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