Lake the Scavenger

Military hotel life….take one.  We have been living here for almost two weeks.  The people before us must have let their kids play tennis with Nerds.  The d@%# things are everywhere!  I have vacuumed and tried to clean them up.  Unfortunately for me, the vacuum does not reach everywhere that tiny, curious hands can.  It is just after 11 am and I have spent over half of this morning fishing Nerds out of Lake’s mouth.  He has become such a little scavenger.  Just when I think I have gotten all of the Nerds out of this room…..I see his tiny fingers grab at something and I find at least three more pieces of candy in his mouth.  Looks like he will spend most of his afternoon playtime in his playpen. 


One Response

  1. My oldest got his hands on a tiny shard of a broken christmas ornament that escaped the vacuum when he was 7 months old. Scary stuff.

    Hope you get out of the hotel and into your housing soon…

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